Hello I'm

Stefan Caliaro

Web Designer, Cloud Engineer & Candid Blogger

Honestly, one of the best IT guys you'll ever find

INFJ-T: Advocate + Curious Rover

About Me

Hey there, thank you for visiting my page. ☺

The Creative In Me

I'm basically a creative tech geek! πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» I'm very visually minded, but also encompass a great deal of technical workings; from HTML/CSS, SEO/Social Media marketing to Linux and Web Hosting/Cloud Environments + blogging and image/video editing.

The Social In Me

I write reviews on poor Product/Service experiences to better them (I'm an uber QA Tester), I blog with LinkedIn Articles and have been microblogging on Facebook since 2010 (MSN & Runescape before that, I skipped MySpace and Bebo, I thought they were uncool and it was at a time when we were told to safeguard our names online - ha, how times have changed πŸ˜‚), Twitter & Instagram since 2012.

I was a Google Student Ambassador in 2013, which was basically social media marketing for Google on the Google@UTS pages. I vlog on bugs & tech events. 🎬 (I'm convinced bugs are literally everywhere and I run into them almost daily as a result of extensively using tech in every way). I've been hired as a QA UI Tester in the past for Channel 9's Stan - a streaming OTT video on demand service.

Stefan Caliaro at Google Sydney office 2013 for ANZ Google Student Ambassador program

The Future In Me

I enjoy producing and improving user experiences (UX).
I'm currently interviewing for Web, UX & UI Design, QA, SEO, Social Media & Content Marketing roles. If you have remote job opportunities, even better! πŸ˜ƒ You should read the article I wrote on remote vs in-office work here.

Skills & Projects on my to-learn list:

  •   JavaScript + JS Frameworks E.g. React, Vue, Angular. (Working on a Chrome extension to auto-close tabs).

  •   Adobe After Effects for making animated logos and Premiere for more professional video editing.

  •   Design UI mockup programs like Sketch, Figma & Adobe XD.

Primarily, I enjoy being involved in the front-end design, QA and user feedback processes wherever possible since a lot of experiences, including from Google, Apple & Microsoft have a constant slew of bugs needing to be rectified.

I'm currently heavily familiar with:
  • 2 years WordPress
  • 4 years Static Websites
  • HTML/CSS Web Development
  • SEO, Ahrefs, SEMrush, ScreamingFrog, Varvy & Search Console
  • AWS EC2, S3, Route 53, RDS, Cloudfront
  • Cloudflare CDN & DNS
  • GCP Compute Engine
  • GCP Cloud Storage
  • G Suite Business Emails
  • Buffer & HootSuite
  • Bitly & Rebrandly
  • Superb QA Testing with Jira
  • Adobe InDesign &Illustrator
  • Movie Maker & macOS's Preview for Vector Graphics Editing
  • Wireframing in UXPin
  • Native English Writer/Speaker
  • + Learning more each day!


Web Design

Great at envisioning web flows and selecting the right templates for the job.

I do a lot of HTML & CSS edits when templates need tweaking.

I'm always looking for templates optimised for speed and elegance.

Web Hosting

I have over 7 years in the web hosting space, from hosting static to WordPress sites.

I use Cloudflare, AWS & GCP. Previously I've used DigitalOcean and shared hosting.

Digital Marketing

I have been using Social Media since the MSN days. I have worked for Google doing Social Media Marketing and an SEO agency.

I now currently do Social Media Marketing and SEO for Siteroo.

Technical Skills

WordPress Elementor & Static
SEO & Social Media (Buffer)
Cloud (AWS, GCP, Cloudflare)
InDesign, Illustrator & UXPin
HTML/CSS, Github, Jira & SSH
MailChimp, Hotjar & G Suite
Linux/Win/Mac/Network Admin
QA Testing & UX Analysis


  • Native English
  • Collaborative
  • Web Engineer
  • Design Creativity

FYI: This static page is freely hosted on a GCP Cloud Storage Bucket via Cloudflare with an SLA uptime guarantee higher than any WordPress site (99.90% - us-east1 single region). It also can't be hacked since it's purely just a static HTML/CSS page which is WAY faster too! And yep, it's completely free too! (You can also use AWS S3 instead of GCP).


Dean Sapcas Photo

Stefan is an extremely enthusiastic and determined individual. He continues to strive in designing websites and enjoys exploring a world of new technologies. I have great confidence in him and his abilities.

Dean Spacas

Former Applications Programming (Java) Tutor at UTS.
Agile Scrum Master at ING Direct.

Stefan drastically helped me improve my diminishing SEO efforts. He ranked many of my blog posts on the 1st page of Google for many keyword searches. I highly recommend his SEO marketing and website design/hosting services, he really knows how to get the ball rolling! :)

Nick Shulhin

Software Engineer at Octo Technology

Stefan is a very focused, structured and determined person. He follows his goals and fulfils his tasks with facility and determination. He is a great colleague and person to work with. It is always a pleasure to work with him.

Mitchell Clark

Founder at CIT Dynamics - Cyber Security & Hosting Provider

Stefan is a great character, we Founded a startup together, and while it proved to be a difficult idea to launch, together we were able to launch a WordPress site and gather customer feedback to further gauage how we were going to win over the housing ownership market

William Chow

Former CEO at Owneroom
Business Executive at Rokt

Stefan is very friendly and seems to know everything about computers and the latest technology. He is the go-to guy for any IT-related issue. I wish him all the best with his latest venture.

Brandon Cowan

Former Founder at Crazy Dog Apps